Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Launch AveneXDischem

I got invited to join in celebrating the launch of Europe's #1 dermo-cosmetic brand Eau Thermale Avene into Dis-Chem Pharmacies. The event was hosted at the beautiful setting that is Alphen Boutique Hotel in Constantia. We were taken through a lengthy presentation about the brand, the product itself, the living testimonies of individuals before and after experience about the products, as well as a talk from a renowned Dermatologist putting his stamp of approval on the Eau Thermale Avene. After leaving the event I was really & I mean really excited about this brand and the results that those that have been using it have received.  
This is not just any usual water, this is water from a special spring. The Avene Thermal Spring Water's powers on the skin was discovered in 1736 and in 1874 the Academy of Medicine officially validated the therapeutic properties of the Avene Thermal Spring Water and declared the spring to be of public interest. In 1990 the Launch of the Eau Thermale Avene Brand took place. 
What exactly is so special about this spring water you may ask? Avene has unlocked part of the mystery of it's Thermal Spring Water, by analyzing it's composition, the Pierre Fabre research team- in collaboration with public research teams discovered that the water contained ACTIVE MOLECULES. These originate from a fascination microflora that only survives in the extremely deep, pure, crystal-clear Avene water. It was names Aqua. dolomiae, and it explains some of the soothing and anti irritating properties of Avene Thermale Spring Water. 
There are various uses for the Eau Thermale Spring Water spray, such as After hair removal, facial redness, sunburn, after surgical procedure, on damaged skin, razor burns, diaper rash, or even on any itching skin.
The entire range has me in absolute awe. but one of my current favourites has to be the Eau Thermale Avene Micellar Lotion, it is by far the most gentle product I've ever used for cleansing & removal of makeup from my eyes, face and lips.It's really soft on the skin and does not have harsh fragrances which I absolutely love. This product took my dark liquid liner and mascara off with literally one swipe and no harsh rubbing required.
The Eau Thermale Avene Soothing Moisture Mask has become my special product. Whenever my skin is not feeling great, this product is such spoil to use. I liberally apply a thick layer to my skin. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and when the time has run out the product literally disappears on the skin. Which shows the great absorption power of this product on the skin. I will then finish with a quick spritz of the Thermale Spring Water and my face instantly feels refreshed and glowing. This product is great for sunburned skin, dehydrated skin and sensitive skin. It's Paraben-Free too.
Living under the harsh Africa sun, we cannot ignore the negative effects of sun on our skin. Whether the sun is shining or it's raining no-one should be bracing the outdoors without a great sun protection product. Please do not wear anything less that an +20 as it's really not suitable for our climate. We need proper coverage & hence this Avene SPF +50 is a great product for me. Even if i'm not wearing any make-up you will definitely find me wearing sun protection. There is really no compromise. 

So if you are struggling with problematic skin and looking for a natural product to help. Do try Eau Thermale Avene product ranges. Eau Thermale Avene products are now available at all Dis-Chem Pharmacy stores!

Friday, 17 March 2017

Bolton's Footwear Winter '17 Collection

On Tuesday past I attended the Bolton's Footwear Winter '17 collection event! The event was hosted at De Waal park, which was quite a different spin & setting on how we usually get to see various collections, but it was such a lovely day in Cape Town that we definitely weren't complaining at all. When we arrived, we received such a stunning Bolton's branded blanket and was told that we were going to be viewing an absolutely epic flashmob. There was the option to sit down on the blanket in the park and get a front-row preview to the collection! Score....Bolton Footwear definitely brought the entire park to a complete stand still when they started showcasing each collection with a red carpet runway and some amazing choreography done by the models. 
Photo credit: Adrian de Kock (
Bolton's Footwear brand comprises of a number of brand such as Anton Fabi, Barker, Bronx Men, Bronx Woman, Crocket & Jones, Jordan, Olympic Shoes & Renegade to name only a few. 

Out of the entire collection I chose my Top 5 footwear pieces from the Winter '17 showing:
1. This boot is in fact a men's boot and falls under the Barker brand. Its called Glance Kid Mocca. The reason I chose this boot was that I know it's definitely a stylish piece that my husband would wear. It can be worn with a denim and t-shirt & even worn with a Melton coat in winter.

2. This sneaker falls under the Olympic Shoes brand and it's called Eclipse Pink. I love this popping colour and I can actually picture myself wearing it to gym. I like the look and the feel of this sneaker.

3. This stylish heel falls under the Bronx Woman brand and it is called Yeti-choc-ankle and its perfect for the office. The block heel is very fashionable and on trend at the moment. So you really cannot go wrong with it.

4. This boot falls under the Bronx Woman brand and it's called Page-Cho-Angle. This boot is a basic essential for the coming winter months and the detail on the boot simply gorgeous.

5. Last but not least this boot also fall under the Bronx Woman brand and it's called Rosalie-Black-Angle. A black basic boot is a staple piece that every girl needs in her wardrobe. This boot can be mixed and matched with different pieces within your wardrobe and the style will never date.

If you are interested in seeing the entire range, or want to purchase any of these pieces. Do check out the website: as well as follow them on there social media platform Facebook:

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Africamp Glamping

I got the opportunity to experience the much anticipated concept called "Glamping". So with that being said I have actually never camped before, not because I didn't want to, but merely because I see it as such a mission. I'm talking about packing in all your necessities for the weekend, then setting up tent, then unpacking everything that you have packed into your vehicle, and then once it's all done, you then have to pack it all up again. There's also the possibility of no electricity at certain campsites or even the option of no proper bathroom facilities. With that said, its enough for me to give it a pass almost instantly. But then I heard about glamping, and my response was: I can do this!
I was then introduced to the idea of glamping! It's a similar feel to that of camping but with a certain form of luxury that you wouldn't expect with traditional camping. So armed with that bit of information my husband and I along with my sister and brother in law headed down to Swellendam in search of this luxury form of camping.
AfriCamps at Kam’Bati is situated on an Overberg farm about 20km west of Swellendam. The Sonderend River and Breede River meet on the property and 5 luxury Boutique Camping tents are located in a beautiful and quiet patch of forest close to the river. There are so many fun festivities for the entire family to enjoy such as Canoeing, mountain biking, fishing facilities, putt putt mini course as well as various swimming pool options for the whole families enjoyment. A beautiful tent structure was constructed when we got there, with a fully furnished kitchen, dining area and mini lounge. The bathroom was equipped with a shower, basin and bathroom. The evenings did however get a bit colder but that was not a problem at all, as we had an indoor fireplace. Yay!
We arrived the Friday afternoon and planned to stay the entire weekend. Literally the first thing we wanted to do was swim. The surrounding areas are gorgeous and definitely lends itself to the entire camping experience. We then returned to start up our braai for the evening, each luxury tent had its own designated braai spot and a lovely set up of wooden tables and chairs to unwind. 
Glamping is really something that you need to experience for yourself. It was an amazing time of relaxation, unwinding and re-energizing. I am already planning my next stay! If you're interested in booking your stay, with africamp, do check this link to the website: they do also have 3 different locations, such as Swellendam, Robertson & Oudtshoorn. Happy Camping er Glamping!

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Embroidered Affair

This blog post will be the start of a brand new series on the blog. This post will form part of a Winter '17 look-book. The initial aim of it is to showcase product from various brands and to show my interpretation of the trends you will be seeing within various stores for this coming winter season etc. So keep an eye out for this space.  
The embroidered trend started to make an appearance during the course of late last year! But by the looks of it, it really doesn't intend on going anywhere anytime soon. The embroidery can be found on anything from denims, shirts, jackets, evens bags & accessories. I must say the flower embroidery is by far my favourite, and I firmly believe that Foschini has definitely got it right this time around! 
I paired this beautiful embroidered woven shirt with a black fringe denim and these absolutely stunning brogues from Rubi Shoes. The combination of classic edge, just made me love this look even more! Brogues has been a firm winner for quite some time, and I believe it will be a keen choice for this coming Winter '17. They are just so comfy. You can get your favourite pair of Rubi Shoes at your nearest Cotton On store. 
Woven Embroidered Shirt: Foschini
Denim Embroidered Jeans: Foschini
Embroidered Clutch: Foschini
Brogue Shoes: Rubi Shoes

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Kinetics Professional Nail System Launch

So on Tuesday past I had the opportunity to attend the launch of the Kinetics professional nail system. Yemaya Spa & Hair invited me as they are now the first proud distributors of the brand in South Africa. The afternoon was filled with mani's & pedi's, delicious sushi & amazing refreshments as we got to experience the brand first hand. The talented nail technicians explained the brand to each individual, while using it on our nails.
The Kinetics brand originated in 2000 as the project of two enthusiastic entrepreneurs John Manzione & Andzeja Stencavs. Although it was started in the USA the company soon moved its headquarters to Europe, where it's products are manufactured today. Over 10 years of continuous improvements, Kinetics has developed a fashionable nail product line that is the most comprehensive on the market.
The Fall/Winter '16/17 pre-collection boasts stunning shades such as Pearl Hunter, Satin Cold, Power of Fire, Under a Spell, Iceland Grey, Nordic Blue, Kingdom of Ice & Goddess to name only a few. The amazing thing about Kinetics is that you can find the exact same shades in the take home nail polishes as well as in the in-salon gel polishes. 
Besides the amazing Kinetics Nail polishes, the brand has also heavily invested in there own R&D facilities and formed a team of young, ambitious chemists. Working side by side with nail professionals everyday, they have developed new formulas and constantly improving those already in existence. Thanks to the knowledge built bu the R&D team, they can now take pride in Kinetics extended successful products such as Kwik Note, White SPA line & the perfumed lotions.
I chose to do Gel nail using the Kinetics nail range and I really must say the product is amazing! You need to head over to Yemaya Spa & Nail and ask to get your nails done with Kinetics. Follow the brand on social Media: Kinetics Nail South Africa

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Happy International Women's Day!

Today marks a significant day, it's International Women's Day! International Women's Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. The 2017 theme for the year is #BeBoldForChange which I think is very much fitting and appropriate.
We often hear how women is not treated equally whether it may be in the workplace, in our social circles even when it comes to the business world. I must thus say that the women empowerment movement has definitely grown in leaps and bounds when we compare it to say 100 years ago. In my personal space I have grown up, in a household with the notion that we as women can do absolutely anything, dream to become absolutely anything and be who and whatever we choose to be. Yet we find sometimes when we step outside the comfy and cozy walls of our homes that the world outside is not always too kind to women. In history it is seen that there are many women that had to fight to find there spot in history and even until today still try to do so. It's sad though to say in many aspects its still a very male dominated world, but don't despair we as women are breaking, no let me rather say shattering barriers, walls and anything that tries to steer us away from what we as women are meant to possess- and that is the ability to choose the course we want for our lives.
There are many negative stereotypes against the the concept of "feminism" & I for one believe that I am 100% a feminist. That does not mean I have hatred towards men, it does not mean that I want to undermine and dominate men, it simply means that what I can do as a woman should not be seen as less and inferior to that of what my male counterpart can do & that is the difference!
"Feminism" is a range of political movementsideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

So staying true to the theme #BeBoldForChange as a woman do not box yourself into the male ideology of what the purpose and they think your role should be. Live Boldly, with Purpose & Intention. Girl child your dreams are valid!

Outfit Details:
Cami Lace Top: Foschini
Jogger Pant: Foschini
Sling bag: H&M
Shoes: Zando
Watch: The Fix
Hair: StyleBar

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

BLK OPL: Fresh New Look, Same Quality Product

So I got the opportunity to attend the Media event for the new design and packaging of the much loved Black Opal brand which will now be known as BLK OPL.
Created in 1994 to celebrate the nuances of black skin, the beauty revelation that was Black Opal became a beauty revolution rooted in color, identity and empowerment. As the brand continues to evolve, Black Opal is introducing a new look to celebrate and connect with a global consumer that transcends racial and cultural borders. The complete brand refresh will include a sharp, stylish take on the logo and packaging for a modernised brand perception. The new BLK/OPL visual identity will help target a more contemporary, fashion-forward audience.
Regardless of shade, tone or heritage, Black Opal is reaching the next generation of beauty. Bold, unique and unapologetically in-control, the Black Opal woman is a free-thinker that sees people from around the world as more alike than different. The face makeup category will remain a growing focus for the brand and the products will continue to emphasise darker tones but will also introduce a broader range of skin tones in key pieces. This dynamic evolution will be introduced throughout all marketing, sales, digital, and social campaigns, bringing an elevated interactive 360 experience for our brand loyalists and new consumers worldwide.

“With over 20 years of experience, Black Opal’s vision is infused with personality at every turn and encourages women to embrace their own brand of beautiful. We have always celebrated women of all skin tones and will continue to empower women through our new brand identity that is modern, confident and purposeful,” says  Dheshan Naidu, Sales and Marketing Director International at Mana Products.

The Black Opal brand refresh will introduce new product packaging and innovation within the facial makeup category.

PACKAGING & LOGO: Black Opal product packaging has been redesigned for a sleeker more sophisticated look. Bold square compacts, bottles and tubes are  emblazoned with the BLK/OPL logo. The products will remain true to their iconic formulations and extensive array of shades.

NEW PRODUCT INNOVATION: To coincide with the re-launch, Black Opal will introduce the latest  innovation in its line of skin tone perfecting makeup, True Color Ultra Matte Foundation Powder. Silky smooth with a matte finish, this  one-step dual active powder and foundation glides effortlessly onto skin, providing a lightweight buildable coverage; it is available in  12 unique shades.

Black Opal is available in selected Clicks, Edgars, Foschini, Red Square and Truworths stores nationwide!