Thursday, 16 March 2017

Africamp Glamping

I got the opportunity to experience the much anticipated concept called "Glamping". So with that being said I have actually never camped before, not because I didn't want to, but merely because I see it as such a mission. I'm talking about packing in all your necessities for the weekend, then setting up tent, then unpacking everything that you have packed into your vehicle, and then once it's all done, you then have to pack it all up again. There's also the possibility of no electricity at certain campsites or even the option of no proper bathroom facilities. With that said, its enough for me to give it a pass almost instantly. But then I heard about glamping, and my response was: I can do this!
I was then introduced to the idea of glamping! It's a similar feel to that of camping but with a certain form of luxury that you wouldn't expect with traditional camping. So armed with that bit of information my husband and I along with my sister and brother in law headed down to Swellendam in search of this luxury form of camping.
AfriCamps at Kam’Bati is situated on an Overberg farm about 20km west of Swellendam. The Sonderend River and Breede River meet on the property and 5 luxury Boutique Camping tents are located in a beautiful and quiet patch of forest close to the river. There are so many fun festivities for the entire family to enjoy such as Canoeing, mountain biking, fishing facilities, putt putt mini course as well as various swimming pool options for the whole families enjoyment. A beautiful tent structure was constructed when we got there, with a fully furnished kitchen, dining area and mini lounge. The bathroom was equipped with a shower, basin and bathroom. The evenings did however get a bit colder but that was not a problem at all, as we had an indoor fireplace. Yay!
We arrived the Friday afternoon and planned to stay the entire weekend. Literally the first thing we wanted to do was swim. The surrounding areas are gorgeous and definitely lends itself to the entire camping experience. We then returned to start up our braai for the evening, each luxury tent had its own designated braai spot and a lovely set up of wooden tables and chairs to unwind. 
Glamping is really something that you need to experience for yourself. It was an amazing time of relaxation, unwinding and re-energizing. I am already planning my next stay! If you're interested in booking your stay, with africamp, do check this link to the website: they do also have 3 different locations, such as Swellendam, Robertson & Oudtshoorn. Happy Camping er Glamping!


  1. Oh my gosh. Now THIS is a dream come true! I'm not big into camping but this is definitely my style. Everything you need for a fabulous getaway!

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