Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Review: Drops of Light

Last week Thursday I attended an event hosted by The Body Shop, for the launch of the “Drops of Light” range. Some of the bloggers in attendance had already used some of the products and was raving about it even before the event. But I was out on a mission to try the products out for myself.
Every morning and evening for the past couple days I’ve been using the rich creamy face wash. It really feels nourishing and none drying to the skin. All I did was apply a pea size amount onto damp fingertips and massaged gently onto my wet face and neck. After removing the face wash I immediately applied 2-3 drops onto my face and neck and gently massage. I repeated this method every morning and evening before applying my cream. The product really feels great on my skin. It’s become a part of my skincare regime.
Both products contains an amazing product called Red Algae extract which comes from North Atlantic. It has grown for millions of years in the icy pure North Atlantic waters and it is known to contain a powerful blend rich in Vitamin C, nutrients and minerals. The product promises to deliver new levels of skin brightening by efficiently targeting the key dimensions of healthy skin drop by drop. Will definitly do a follow up post of the changes to my skin after a month or so.

The product has been proven by women to reveal:
  • ·         Healthy Looking Brightness
  • ·         Even Tone
  • ·         Pure Translucency
  • ·         Refined Texture
  • ·         Smooth Suppleness
While at the launch, I noticed these really pretty individual eye shadows. You can now build your own palette with your own choice of colours and shades. How amazing! You can purchase the palette case separately and fill it as you choose. Cannot wait to get some more…
All above product can be found at The Body Shop stores nationwide.

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  1. Have never tried the drops of youth before - definitely something I want to give a go at

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves