Sunday, 7 May 2017

… something must have changed!

I am currently stuck in a complete fashion rut. Yes I said it. I am in a space in my life whereby I actually question every item in my closet, nothing seems to match. Nothing seems to actually fit and I’ve got one too many “what was I thinking??!!” pieces. Nothing in my wardrobe makes sense at all. Every morning it literally takes me hours to get dressed, and eventually I’ll end up taking everything off and resort to wearing tights a hoodie and a comfy pair of sneakers. I use to love getting dressed up… somewhere in between everything… something must have changed.
I literally sat myself down, and thought about it all. I realized that this fashion rut as I call it, actually all started about 2 months ago, after resigning from working in a space whereby I was surrounded by fashion & trend talk all the time. I have stopped wearing clothing items that I really like. I have for too long resorted to the hottest new fashion pieces instead of just opting for items that I prefer and want to wear. Don’t get me wrong I love a good trend, but when you constantly surrounded by the fast pace environment that is fashion wanting you to move to the newest item when you have just gotten comfortable with the previous one it really can take a toll!
I think in the process of it all I've somehow lost my your own style and complete fashion identity… I've been struggling to walk in a store and purchase clothing, as I would say no & pass it off without actually trying it on to see if it would be something I could like. The realization hit. I have become completely “fashion lazy”. It really got me thinking about the choices I’ve made about what I wear. I then decided to go through my entire closest clean out everything that I didn’t like or want anymore and invest in pieces that fits well and that I actually enjoy wearing. Fashion is suppose to be fun right!
So with that said, I have never quite been a brogues kind of person. I’ve always thought of brogues being such a masculine type of fashion item. Don’t get me wrong when I see individuals wearing brogues I would absolutely love it on them, but not necessarily on myself. My style is usually either very feminine or sporty. There is rarely an in-between. However lately I’ve become more open to the idea of playing around with my look and trying out new pieces. These Rubi shoes brogues really surprised me and I can actually say that I’m actively searching for my next pair. They are so comfy, fits really well and gives any look a classic appeal. This specific pair of brogues are rather feminine and I can see it fitting perfectly with quite a few other items in my closest currently. I am actually quite obsessed with this pair!
"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." - Rachel Zoe

 Top: Foschini
Denim: Foschini
Brogues: Rubi Shoes
Cup: Cotton On
Earrings: The Fix

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