Thursday, 31 August 2017


So about 2 weeks ago, I got an awesome opportunity to test drive the Ford Everest for a week. It was definitely something I was keen to do. Think about it a stylish looking SUV with all the bells and whistles accompanied by a full tank of fuel and the open road. YES LIFE GOALS RIGHT??!!
Hubby and I planned to take a road trip, we weren't quite sure where to but literally before I knew it 7 of my family members was all keen for a drive along to which was later established to be the West Coast. 

Fuel Consumption
So the obvious question that I am sure everyone's wondering about when seeing such a huge SUV. How heavy is this piece of machine on juice relative to the performance. The Ford Everest’s advanced 3.2L TDCi Turbo Diesel engine delivers 147kW of power and 470Nm of peak torque, all without compromising fuel efficiency. This was literally one of the best things about this SUV. The usual perception is that with a big vehicle fuel consumption would be high. But I was pleasantly surprised, after driving to and from work the first 2 days of the week there was hardly any difference to fuel consumed and then on the 3rd day we started out our journey. We decided to take a quick drive from CPT up to Vredenburg and then same day back again. The days that followed we also took a leisure drive through the Cape Wine Route passing Stellenbosch, Franschhoek & Wellington to name a few. Upon returning the vehicle to Ford on the last day their was still a bit of fuel left to spare.
Space & Capability
This was one of the factors that made me fall in-love with this piece of machine. It could comfortably fit in all 7 of my family members with ease which meant that we could enjoy a long road trip with all of us being in one car, instead of our usual 2 car trek to and from our destination. The great thing was while sitting inside the SUV it really didn't feel that big yet we all sat comfortably with enough leg room for all. With all the passengers on board & the great leg room I had no idea that it was even possible to still have any boot space left, but yes it did. More than enough.
I was literally ticking off all, the Pro's to the Everest in my head. Good fuel consumption-tick, enough space- tick, slick & gorgeous looking SUV- tick, what more was there that could possibly impress me?  Yes, there was more...
I am a complete techie. If I can use technology to make my life easier... why not? SYNC®3 is a fully integrated, voice activation system that lets you use your favourite devices while your hands stay on the wheel and your eyes stay on the road. Sync your phone to call your friends and play your favourite music. This made the whole journey so much more enjoyable. Equipped with a customisable 8” Colour LCD capacities Touch Screen; SYNC®3 is quicker and more responsive than ever before.
Active Park Assist
This may be one large SUV, but parallel parking couldn’t be easier. I pride myself by getting my licence at the age of 18 and when my world gets kind of chaotic I take comfort in the fact that parking is definitely one of those things that I feel I can do seamless & effortlessly. However in the Ford Everest at the press of a button, Active Park Assist not only helps you find the right size parking spot, it steers itself in. Simply take your hands off the wheel and watch as it parks perfectly. All you have to do is control the gears, accelerator and brake.

You can get your hands on The Ford Everest range starting from R5899* a month and retail price of R458,900 R699,900

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