Tuesday, 26 September 2017


I've been chemically colouring my hair for years and has since decided to try and grow out my natural hair and basically just give my hair a little bit of a break. It's obvious that my hair is not in the best condition due to all the bleaching and colouring etc. The thought of doing the "BIG CHOP" has crossed my mind quite a few times. But the thought of having no hair completely overwhelms me. My ends is currently is really bad condition and the overall look and feel and in dire need of a pick me up! So with that said, I was offered to try out a brand new in-salon treatment from INOAR professional called GHAIR BOTOX TREATMENT. It's a 30 minute treatment which promotes hair growth, strengthens hair, reduce frizz, reduce knots, add shine and defines curls.

I went to Carla Hair Design Salon in Camps Bay to get the treatment done and it was really such a easy, hassle free process. While getting my hair done Carla explained the product and the benefits of it in great detail. My hair was washed with the INOAR Help Detox Shampoo and then towel dried. The Ghair B-Tox mask was then applied and comb through. The product was not applied to my scalp as well as not massaged in. We waited for the 30 minutes rinsed and then styled. Easy Peasy!
The product is developed with Wheat Germ oil which is Fatty Acids, Argan oil, Shea Butter, Hydrolyzed. Keratin and Grape Extract. It's rich in Vitamin A, C and E which protects your hair from harmful agents & rich in antioxidants that fights Free Radicals!

  • B-Tox treatment may last 4+ weeks
  • Use Inoar’s salt-free shampoos to maintain the treatment
  • B-Tox will not influence tint/colour in the hair
  • B-Tox my be done immediately AFTER colour/hi-lights/toner
  • (Remember the cuticles are already open…so no need for a clarifying shampoo.  
  • Use a normal Shampoo (no conditioner) after colour/hi-lights and apply the B-Tox )
  • No fumes / odour / eye-burning
  • Large market – may be done on all clients
  • Works extremely well on chemically damaged hair
  • May be done on virgin hair
  • Not recommended for pregnant women
I am so happy with the results. My hair so shiny and soft and most of all its manageable with less knots. This is definitely a treatment you should try if you looking for the instant pick me up for your hair. If you are keen to try it out I will definitely recommend going to Carla Hair Design Salon. The location and salon is beautiful and she simply works wonders with her hands details below:
Carla Hair Design
24 Woodford Avenue
Camps Bay

Salon: 082 793 89 99


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