Sunday, 30 June 2019

3 Days in Hong Kong

It was my first time travelling to Hong Kong and before actually deciding I go I searched through thousands of videos and read many different blog posts about this amazing country. There are tons of great articles and information out there. But this particular write up would be focused on the things I experienced and the things I did while in Hong Kong. I'll share some information and give a detailed insight into where we stayed, what we did & what we ate. As well as the cost associated with travelling this epic country. So let's jump right into it.
So quite a few people asked me why I would travel 17-+ hours to HK for only 3 days. Well it's quite simple. Why would you not want to? The just of it is it's really expensive for South Africans to travel to HK. The ZAR is really weak so your rands wears a bit thin when exploring new places. If you are going to restaurants, you are going to pay some serious rands in Hong Kong. But if you opt for food markets and local food stalls your money will definitely take you further. But besides that I do feel if you plan what you want to do in advance & decide what you willing to spend your money on, it will all be well worth it.

So when we decided that we wanted to go on this trip back in August 2018, there was no other place on top of our mind to book through than STA TRAVEL. I've had quite a friends travel through them and have only heard great reviews about there experiences using this company. Also on a side note if you really want to travel but don't have the funds right now STA TRAVEL has an awesome flexi payment method whereby you can secure your deal for R1000 and pay the rest off before you leave. Our trip costed about R35 000 for 2 people sharing and that included flights, airport taxes, transfers & accommodation for 3 Days in Hong Kong & 7 days in Bali.

We stayed at the North Point Harbour Plaza Hotel on HK island. It was perfectly situated close to all public transportation, we had food options in walking distance from us & the hotel itself was great for what we were paying. It's a four start hotel. But if you willing to spend the coin. I would much rather have opted to stay in central Hong Kong, which is where all the hustle and bustle is. On the flip side regardless of where you are situated the MTR & Trams will become your best friend & you will soon realize how easy it is navigating this beautiful city.

The MTR is by far the best way to get around in Hong Kong. You can purchase a octopus for 50HK$ which acts as deposit and an initial amount of 100HK$ which can be used for rides. My tip for first time users is to get a MTR railway map and try out the MTR without an initial destination. What I mean by this is, the first day when we arrived we were super scared of taking the MTR and landing up at the wrong place. We then asked for help from the concierge at our hotel and they assisted us by telling us which railway stop was closest to the places we wanted to visit. So for example we wanted to see HK Times square so you have to go to Causeway Bay to get there. If your a tourist you definitely wouldn't necessarily know that. This helped so much as the map doesn't show the landmark only the various stations. On the side note, keep an eye out for the colours on the map inorder to get to know the routes.

HK Timesquare 
Take the MTR and get off at Causeway Bay. Times Square has been regarded as one of the most popular shopping centers and tourist spots with a rather vibrant aesthetic. Recognized as the ultimate shopping landmark, Times Square houses more than 230 world-renowned brands on 16 floors, with an exclusive blend of shops ranging from voguish apparel, leather goods, jewelry to accessories. To bring a great shopping excitement, Times Square encloses a number of reputable electronics and audio vision chain stores, as well as a wide selection of sport specialty stores in a cutting-edge and convenient environment. Times Square provides an array of up-marketed nationwide eateries, including regional Chinese specialists, various Asian delicacies and western cuisine, making Times Square a gourmet paradise for both the locals and tourists. The signature Open Piazza of Times Square is the most-sought-after exhibition venue for in Hong Kong. But if you want sway off the usual track you can find some awesome stores outside of Time square. We walked around for hours and found some actual gems.
Ngong Ping
The Ngong Ping Cable Car ride connects Tung Chung with Ngong Ping and offers the serene panorama of Lantau, Hong Kong. Ngong Ping Terminal is right next to Ngong Ping Village - the best starting point to reach other Hong Kong attractions such as the Big Buddha, Po Lin Monastery, Tai O fishing village, etc. Ngong Ping Village is the home to recreation, shopping, and four entertaining themed attractions loved by locals and tourists alike! We spent most of the day here and it really is a beautiful place to explore and breath in the surroundings. We bought our cable car ticket via the klook app which we received a major discount along with quick access queues. This is must see when visiting Hong Kong.
Disneyland Hong Kong
I've done a detailed post on my experience at Disneyland Hong Kong & it's actually a no brainer that this would be a must see when visiting this country. If you are an all things Disney Fanatic and a all round child at heart this is a absolute must see. You can click here if you would like to read up about it.

IFC Mall
IFC at Central Waterfront is a world-class business and leisure destination in Hong Kong. As we returned from Ngong Ping, we happened to stop by this mall and ended up spending quite a bit of time walking on the mall and around it. The IFC has more than 200 stores and is without any doubt the most visually stimulating spaces which ranges from high-end, flagship to concept stores which is also home to the International Finance Centre. The mall is part of a complex that includes some of the most exclusive office space in Hong Kong, as well as the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel, where you can enjoy both Chinese and Western Michelin-starred fare. There are more earth-bound eateries available too, and the roof garden with views across the harbour to Kowloon is a public space. You can literally find anything here. So if it sounds like something that could be your vibe, its really worth it to pop on by. 
On the flip side I really wanted to go and check out the ladies street market but we ended up not having enough time to fit in everything. So we''ll maybe do that on a next occasion.


  1. Great read, Chantal ! Super vibrant, super informative

  2. Oh my gosh, how exciting that you went to Disneyland! I really want to visit that park. Your pictures are fabulous and it is wonderful that your accommodations were so conveniently located.

  3. Love you post! It brings back so many amazing memories - especially Disneyland! the kids loved it, so did I! HK is such a diverse city!