Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Disneyland Hong Kong

If you are a Disney fanatic then there is literally no better place to be when travelling to Hong Kong than Disneyland. It’s located on the Lantau Island and is the largest theme park in Hong Kong. The park consists of seven themed areas Main street U.S.A, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point & Toy Story Land.

The Disneyland Resort line is a line connecting Sunny Bay to the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, coloured pink on the network diagram. The train is distinctive on account of its Mickey Mouse windows, interior couch seating, and Disneyland figurines displayed in the carriages.  You will feel an authentic Disney experience even before setting your foot in the theme park.

We purchased our Disneyland HK tickets on the Klook app, which provided us with major discounts. Also the access to the park when purchasing with Klook app was so easy and efficient. We didn’t have to stand in ticket queues at all and we could also go directly to the entry location. On the flip side you can also purchase tickets at the park. The current price on the website for a standard day pass is HK$693 which in rand is approximately R1321.81. On the klook app we paid R999. So we had a saving of R321.81
When you enter the park you will immediately see the Main street U.S.A it is designed to resemble an early 20th century Midwest town. This is the place where you can purchase all your souvenirs, get something to eat and best of all get to take all those cute pictures you see people post to Instagram. As you enter the park the scene has been set and you instantly feel like you are in the magical world of Disney. Enchanting music is played throughout the park, which adds to the experience. Our first stop was Adventureland featuring jungle themed rides. We went on a cruise ride that resembled remote jungles in Africa which was very entertaining with some fun twist and turns. This area also has Tarzans Treehouse but it looked like quite a strenuous walk up so we ended up skipping that part. However the surrounding area is also home to the “Festival of Lion King” show. This show is without a doubt a must see. The special effects is world class and the actresses and actors are really top notch performers.
We then proceeded to Toy Story Land. I love the toy story sequels and we came by just in time to meet the characters. Every hour or so they rotate the characters and you get the opportunity to take some special pictures. This area was also filled with some awesome rides. My favourites was definitely the Toy Soldiers Parachute drop & RC Racer. I have a major issue with heights. But I overcame my fears and was living it up on these great rides. Toy Story Land would be a great spot for kids as well as adults as it provides an all-round great experience for all.
A pit stop at Jessie’s Snack Roundup is an absolute must & I had to have an iconic churros picture just for the gram of-course!
We then proceeded to Mystic Point. It is set in 1909 at an adventurer's outpost established in 1896 in a dense, uncharted rain forest surrounded by mysterious forces and supernatural events. The site features Mystic Manor, home of Lord Henry Mystic, a world traveler and adventurer and his mischievous monkey, Albert. Oh my word, it’s unlike anything you would expect it to be. But a total exhilarating ride. Expect the unexpected!
My favourite adventure ride in the entire park had to also be the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars which is located within the Grizzly Gultch. The themed land reminisces an abandoned mining town set amidst mountains and woods. The ride was so good, I had to do it twice just to check. I only realised afterwards that I didnt take any pictures. Well you know what they say about having fun.

With all the adventurous rides and absolutely stunning landscapes we got to see so far it definitely build up quite a hunger. We then proceeded to stuff our faces with some burgers, chicken and fries. Do note that the food in the park is rather expensive. But even more pricey when you are coming from SA with our weak rand. This meal cost us approximately +-R500. On a side note you actually get these gloves with your meal. It was super weird for me but when I looked around everyone was wearing them while eating.
Nevertheless we were re-fuelled and ready to take on the Iron Man Experience. It is a 3-D motion simulator attraction in Tomorrowland. The attraction is based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man, set at the fictional Stark Expo, the attraction features Tony Stark recruiting guests to fend off extra-terrestrial beings that are attacking Hong Kong
On top of all the epic things you can actually do at Disney Hong Kong, the parade is a must see. All the characters parade and do a walk through the theme park. This is an absolute treat if you keen to see some of your favourite Disney characters in full character. HK Disneyland was definitely on my top things I got to do while being in Hong Kong. Hit me up on Social Media if you have any questions that I didnt get to cover in this post. I'm more than happy to chat to you about it!

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