Thursday, 14 May 2020

Life Update - 25 Weeks Pregnant!

It's been the longest time since I've actually sat down and typed out a blog post. But with that being said there is just something special about actually collating your thoughts and putting it down in one space. Since most us is currently still in lock down due to the horrid Covid 19 virus this has become the perfect time for introspection and reflection. Whether it be spiritually, emotionally or even physically. With that being said I thought I'd do a life update post since so much has changed in about a year. So get your coffee ready and lets chat!
I'm Expecting!
If you follow me on social media you would have known this already! I wish I had actually documented the early stages of my pregnancy with a blog post, since I would have loved to look back years from now and read it or slightly cringe at it but never the less, we ain't crying over spilled milk here since I wrote it all down in a special pregnancy notebook, but you know what they say if its not on the web-sphere did it even happen?! 
I am currently 25 weeks along and wow this has really been one of the most exciting journeys I have ever embarked on. I have never seen myself as being mom. But guys pregnancy and growing a human does things to you. I am beyond excited for the next phase. This pregnancy has seriously been the most blissful experience. Thus far I have had no nausea or morning sickness which for me was an absolute blessing! Baby is moving and kicking all the time and it really is the best feeling. 
Gender Reveal
The gender of this baby has been an absolute roller coaster. At first baby would not show us anything, doc moved my belly around but this baby was not in the mood for it. Doc suggested I drink a cup of coffee in the hope that it would wake up bean but baby was not budging. Our final attempt that day was that I had to climb 6 flights of stairs to see if baby would turn and after all that still beans legs was closed shut. We were so determined to know the gender as my sister was planning the gender reveal, and what would a gender reveal be without a gender. Doc advised I come back 2 days later and see if baby has moved. I returned after 2 days and this time around Doc was sure she could see exactly what it was. We didn't want to know so she placed the gender in an envelope. My mom was with me at the time and she was convinced that during our appointment she had heard the Doc slip by saying "SHE" and was now convinced that the baby was a girl. A friend later that day also advised me that I should perhaps make use of the Chinese Calendar and that it would apparently tell me exactly what the gender would be and when I tried it for myself, its said "girl". 2 weeks later our gender reveal party came along which my sister had organised came and as hubby and I were driving to the venue I told him to act surprised when he sees pink since we already thought we knew what would be in the envelop. He laughed and said he would act "VERY SURPRISED". The moment came around for us to actually reveal the Gender to family & friends and all I have to say is that the below picture perfectly describes our reaction. We had no idea! We were both trilled as we both wanted it to be a BOY! Hubby and I have since decided on a name, but you guys will have to wait just- a little bit longer to find that one out. 
What's been happening now?
With 15 weeks more to go, time is really not stopping and going through this pregnancy with the lurking corona virus has been tough. Hubby has missed 3 doctors appointments already due to the patient only rule that has been implemented at all hospitals & doctors surgeries. I know that these rules has been put in place for health and safety reasons, but its been hard. However the scan pics and video clips of our baby has helped tremendously. I have been fortunate enough to work from home but i'm not gonna lie its been difficult not seeing my family and friends on a regular. I love being at home but damn I think I've exhausted my quota for sure. My current due date is 26 August 2020 so just little over 3 months still to go. 

A friend of mine has mentioned that I must be going crazy with all the baby purchases and she was rather shocked/surprised when I mentioned that I haven't bought anything for baby yet. You would probably say "ARE YOU CRAZY WOMAN" too but I somehow I feel like I still have time.... insert evil laugh here.... Hubby and I have been looking at strollers and car seats online but we end up changing our mind all the time and end up wanting to actually see it before we buy it. Baby's room has been painted but we have no furniture in there yet, so its basically a empty room at the moment. 
When I look at my current social media feed it really looks like its been taken over by pregnancy posts and bump pics and I must say I ain't upset by it at all. Yes I will still be posting about travel, beauty and lifestyle but for now this is a stage in my life that I am wholeheartedly embracing! 


  1. Loved this read! Here for all the preggo mom content <3 !

  2. Whoop whoop �� - exciting time ��������

  3. Whoop whoop �� - exciting time ��������

  4. Thanks so much all! For the lovely comments and well wishes! Take Care x

  5. Oh my goodness, that is wonderful! Congratulations!

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